Attn: Major General Jackson Arnistad



In reference to the orders i received from you I wished to convey my understanding of the those orders.

1. That I am to reconstitute the troops in the US northeast

2. Secure the northern border

Given the difficulty’s inherent in our situation i wish to give inform you if my intentions. With the secession of the south the war in Mexico and the invasions of the Chinese Canadians and Russians we are being pressed on all fronts. I understand as well as any that this mess in New England is not one that we can continue to be distracted by.

I am as you know a staunch supporter of our constitution and our way of life, but I see no means to carry out your orders within the letter of our law. As we are currently without a commander and chief and the government structures that are left in place are minimal at best i feel that I have no choice but to act in the best interests of the nation while I will no dought have to violate some of our most central laws. Without a central civilian authority everything we do here may be view through history’s lens as criminal. I merely hope that our actions are remembered at all by someones children at this point that is all we can ask.

Brigadier General Gregory Hendell

Ravages of Time

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