Ravages of Time

Still shootin'
Not dead yet, bitches!

Place: http://www.wva.army.mil/

Well, hell … so far so good. Damn I love this kinda work, the kind that takes more balls than brains. So basically we just up and attacked real direct-like about two dozen of these folks what call themselves “The Police.” I’ll be damned if Sting ain’t rollin in his Tantric grave at the thought of these losers usin’ his band’s name. Not that I’d ever tell Dad that I used to listen to them; he always felt funny when I talked about music he liked that I heard on the classics channel. So anyway, me and the jarhead sniper (he may be salvagable yet) set up on a building to the south of the Police while the chief (some crazy EOD bastard) and the medic (yeah, you heard me, the medic) closed with the enemy position. We had ourselves a nice setup, though I should have put myself a bit closer, my ears is still ringin’ from that damned Barrett. Speaking of which, both of us must be rusty, we spend the whole dang time blowing off hands and feet, for cryin out loud.

Anyway, we shot the shit out of em for a spell, and the chief decided to stand too close to a grenade and got singed a bit. The bastards got tired of losin’ hands and feet and the ones what weren’t shot or dead high tailed it inside the warehouse. Which we promptly charged into, to save some idiot hostages that were NOT part of our mission profile (worked out though, more on that later). Anyway, after a particularly poor entry strategy (balls > brains, remember) we pretty much ended the police prescence in that precinct. Turns out the hostages were some not entirely useless ex-US forces, the former garrison. We got them all free and what not then the led us over to their command post, we I got a few hours sleep, and a chance to SSS (shit, shower, and shave).

Tommorow, I think I’m gonna take the jarhead with me for some “recon” at the local brothel. We’ll see what we can see. Maybe I can scrounge me up an M40 from these local yokels.

Hoot out.

Calvary's here, kinda.
Looks like I ain't gonna starve after all.

Damn I thought I was fucked. Last man standing from my Delta fireteam, I barely had enough ammo to fill a magazine. And listen up boys and girls, this is a bad fucking part of the country to not have any damned dope. I lay down to catch the first shuteye in days in some abandoned shithole and OF COURSE I wake up and it’s on FIRE. Maybe I shouldn’t have walked under that ladder while a black cat crossed my path after all.

Well, after I made sure I wasn’t on fire, I managed to pick out some gunfire just outside. Looks like some sheep-banging morons managed to start some fires and promptly pick a fight with a well-equipped detachment of US forces! Holy shit, I thought, maybe my luck is coming out of the toilet after all. Anywho, between their shootin’, a couple rounds from my 1911, and the crazy bastard on a Ma-deuce (ffs!) they got cleaned out pretty good.

Anyway, I’m just glad to have some more bullets, and these yahoos from the 101st offered me a ride if I’d shoot some bitches for em. Better than starvin’, I thought. We’re heading up to Albany to liberate the Watervliet Arsenal tomorrow apparently. Shit, how bad can it be?

Hoot out.

Puke man drives us to albany

Having been given their orders first special operations squad of the 2nd brigade leaves Philly and Heads for Albany NY. to secure the Watervliet Arsenal and the surrounding area of Albany.


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