Ravages of Time

Calvary's here, kinda.

Looks like I ain't gonna starve after all.

Damn I thought I was fucked. Last man standing from my Delta fireteam, I barely had enough ammo to fill a magazine. And listen up boys and girls, this is a bad fucking part of the country to not have any damned dope. I lay down to catch the first shuteye in days in some abandoned shithole and OF COURSE I wake up and it’s on FIRE. Maybe I shouldn’t have walked under that ladder while a black cat crossed my path after all.

Well, after I made sure I wasn’t on fire, I managed to pick out some gunfire just outside. Looks like some sheep-banging morons managed to start some fires and promptly pick a fight with a well-equipped detachment of US forces! Holy shit, I thought, maybe my luck is coming out of the toilet after all. Anywho, between their shootin’, a couple rounds from my 1911, and the crazy bastard on a Ma-deuce (ffs!) they got cleaned out pretty good.

Anyway, I’m just glad to have some more bullets, and these yahoos from the 101st offered me a ride if I’d shoot some bitches for em. Better than starvin’, I thought. We’re heading up to Albany to liberate the Watervliet Arsenal tomorrow apparently. Shit, how bad can it be?

Hoot out.



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