Clifford "Hoot" Hooten

5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair/eyes. Sharp-eyed and determined looking, but perhaps he's seen a bit too much?


Clifford likes to go by the nickname his father, Norm Hooten ( went by during the Battle of Mogadishu, “Hoot.” He’s a fine enough grunt, with many a kill notched onto the buttplate of his customized HK416. That being said, he hasn’t quite earned his father’s nickname, and is every trying to prove himself. He’s not really sure who he’s proving it to; after all, as tough as his dad was, he didn’t survive the Twilight War, Clifford did.

Right now he’s the last survivor of his Delta fireteam sent in against the AC in New York. He got REAL lucky and linked up with a fireteam from the 101st, and he’s been busy proving useful to the commanding NCO of that group. What he really wants is to get somewhere were he can settle down. As good as he is with his rifle, he knows that the future of the human race depends on him getting his “gun” into the fight. Got to have kids so the meat grinder can keep on turnin’.

Clifford "Hoot" Hooten

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